WGN Radio Petcast: ParasitePalooza – Fleas,Ticks, Heartworm


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Due greatly to weather conditions, it’s thought this will be a banner year for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that transmit heartworm disease.

First up, fighting fleas with Dr. Dwight Bowman, veterinary parisitologisst at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, and president of the Companion Animal Parasite Council. He says there’s nothing as damaging as back as fleas to the human/animal bond as back in the days of the flea wars. Today, he notes, you can easily win the war – if you allow your veterinarian point you to the right flea product. If you choose the right product for your lifestyle, then choosing the right product today can mean you win that flea war.

No one speaks as eloquently about heartworm disease as Dr. Sheldon Rubin, of the Board of Directors of the American Heartworm Society, Dr. Sheldon Rubin offers great detail about heartworm disease as you’ve never heard it before. Dr. Rubin gets very excited when talking about heartworm because he knows how many pets die needlessly as a result of this disease because it can be prevented.

Dr. Rubin, my most frequent guest, also talks about cats falling from great heights, and more.

Ticks look gross, and worse, they transmit disease — potentially a cocktail of diseases in one tick bite, which is why you want your pets protected. Dr. Suzanne Causey talks ticks