WGN Radio Petcast: Why Our Pets May Die As a Result of Our Buying Habits, Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather and Codi's Journey


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I’m really worried about pet owners purchasing flea and tick products over-the-counter or via the Internet without veterinary input. I am certain pets will die as a result, in any case more flea and tick issues for our pets. Dr. Ernie Ward has similar concerns. We explain why we are so concerned. We also talk about why you totally don’t want fleas.

No one really locks dogs in hot cars. How I wish that were true. Two dogs recently died just outside Chicago after being confined to a hot car, and it was only about 80 degrees. Summer safety for our pets is the topic discussed with Dr. Mark Rusak, incoming president of the American Animal Hospital Association.

(More summer safety tips)

Jeff Maziarek
, a longtime Pet Central listener, had asked me to write a ‘cover blurb,’ hoping he could publish the book “Codi’s Journey: An Inspiring and Heartwarming Story About an Amazing Best Friend.” Jeff did it! His story begins — as it does for so many of us — as he bonded with a puppy. The bond was one of those once in a lifetime connections with lots of lessons learned by both Codi and Jeff, and continued through Jeff watching Codi’s decline in old age. Anyone who has ever loved and lost a canine will appreciate the book, and our conversation.

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