WGN Radio Petcast: Will Chicago Go for Breed Ban; Court Reunites Pit Bull Service Dog


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On Monday January 2, Joseph Finley was jogging along the south shore lakefront when from nowhere two Pit Bulls and attacked and mauled him. At least dogs were called Pit Bulls, but who knows really?

The response by some has been emotional, and I understand….though a dog attack causing severe injury is actually a rare event. Still a few instantly respond with calls for breed bans (though such bans have never succeeded in effectively impacting dog attacks).

Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) was the first to speak out on the issue. We speak about the possibility of a breed ban, and what we should do in response to this tragedy – if we do anything.

The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association breed ban position, based on science is in opposition to a breed ban, though supportive of responsible pet owners. Dr. J.B. Bruederle is a past president of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association.

Here’s how lovely and helpful breed bans can be. Because of a breed ban in Aurelia, Iowa Jim Sak — who had moved to this small town from Chicago — was forced to give up his service dog, a Pit Bull. Thing is, according to the Americans for Disabilities Act, Sak’s dog never should have been removed. I speak with Jim — who as you’ll hear, turns out to be a hero — and also talk with Kim Wolf, community engagement specialist with the Animal Farm Foundation.