WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World


Marlene Wells and our late dog, Lucy

HEAR my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show on WGN.  I comment on the WGN Walk of Fame, and the inductees: How my first newscaster when I was on WGN Saturday night was Andrea Darlas, just how insightful “King John” Williams is as an interviewer and WGN’s Marlene Wells, who works behind-the-scenes. I tell the story of how Marlene rescued a homeless guy and his dog. Marlene also once adopted a shelter dog on a adopt-a-dog segment.

Phone calls included these topics:

  • Cat who chews on electric cords, and also books – and what to do about it. How to provide a cat with appropriate items to chew on.
  • A Shih Tzu-Poodle with thunderstorm anxiety – but listener Ken’s wife doesn’t want to use anti-anxiety medication. “We’ve done everything,” he says. But have they? Just being slightly or moderately uncomfortable about storms, indeed a pheromone product called Adaptil or a Thundershirt will help a lot. In this instance, I most certainly do suggest a referral to a veterinary behaviorist.
  • I also suggest a veterinary behaviorist for an aggressive dog.

On Steve Dale’s Pet World, I the awful story about how the Illinois Department Natural Resources (IDNR) was totally inappropriate, responsible for – in my opinion – the death of three coyotes without appropriate cause. They didn’t need to really confiscate the 13 year old coyotes in the first place, and most certainly didn’t need to do it using brutality. Here’s is the entire story, and links to ways you can help. The story is awful, and Illinois taxpayer dollars should not go to IDNR for this!