What A Rush: Communing with Mountain Gorillas


Visiting family is always fun, kind of wild….and these family members are really wild – mountain gorillas. I say family members because after all we do share about 98 percent of our genetic makeup with gorillas.

I talk her about the experience of a lifetime, to commune with mountain gorillas – no bars, no cages. Just us tourists, and the gorillas in their misty homes.

I chose Terra Incognita Ecotours, in part, because of their support of the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project. Read my national newspaper story about how the ecotourists have likely made it possible for the species to survive, even increasing in numbers. However, tourists are also an unexpected threat.

I never expected to be so moved by visiting these ‘cousins.’ And I never expected to get so close.  Usually, I talk about dogs, cats and other companion animal pets – this video is an overview of our experience visiting mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

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