What Would You Have Done?


Walking down Broadway with Ethel….We heard some barking, and I assumed there was a dog tied-out at the Starbucks down the street. No matter where you are, seems there’s always a Starbucks down the street, right?

Turns out it wasn’t a dog tied out at Starbucks….It was a dog….wait I look closer two dogs…no four dogs inside the back of a pick-up like truck.

One of Chicago’s finest was – guess what, writing a parking ticket. That’s why the dogs were barking….

It was mayhem…the dogs barking at the police officer….and now Ethel, my dog, responding with barking…

Over the barking, I mention to the police officer – that a parking ticket is no big thing…dead dogs would be…

You see, it was 85 degrees, and humid – I mentioned, “It’s against city ordinance and state law to keep dogs in hot cars.”

He said, “I know.” I suggested maybe more serious than a parking ticket are the dogs crammed into the back – with little ventilation – the windows only push out on this truck, so they don’t roll down. He shook his head in affirmation, and that’s when the barking suddenly stopped. It’s because the dog’s owner returned to the truck. With Ethel still barking, and their dogs beginning to bark again, I walked away. I admit – I didn’t stick around to advocate further for the dogs, who easily could have suffered heat stroke. And they were large dogs (even less able to tolerate heat).  It’s true, I don’t know how long they were in the truck….

Would you have stayed? Would you have attempted to convince the officer to give an additional ticket for leaving the dogs in the car? Maybe the officer actually did that – I don’t know. What would you have done?