What’s Going on with Animal Shelters?


So, what’s going on in animal shelters? Why are they getting so many, too many dogs/cat relinquished? In this show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, listen HERE to Darlene Duggan, interim president at Anti Cruelty, and Susan Cappello, Acting Executive Director of Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC.

Anti-Cruelty Comments

Duggan talks about many of the Ant-Cruelty services, way beyond solely adopting homeless animals. And many Chicagoans have no idea Anti Cruelty does all that! Typically, over 4,000 animals are adopted from Anti Cruelty.

As a result of the pandemic, people responded to a cry for “help” from shelters all over the world. Among those who adopted are those from underserved communities. Aside from the same issues as ever regarding behavior problems as a significant reason for people giving up pets, housing is increasingly a problem as Duggan explains. Anti-Cruelty is attempting to be proactive to help with this issue. Also, Anti Cruelty Safe Program for people to temporarily house owned animals into Foster case belonging to families suffering domestic violence.

Animal Care & Control Comments

Cappello explains what Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) does, and what the mission of this facility is, 2741 S Western Ave. There HERE! And available for pets to adopt! Currently over 200 dogs and over 100 cats all seeking a forever home.

By law, CACC, like most municipal shelters must take in animals appearing ar their door. When they are over-crowded, and have more animals than space – they work with foster families and rescues and other shelters as well. However, still if there are more animals than there is space, euthanasias will happen. Is it the facility to blame for this? Listen to Capella as she explains articulately.

Cappello also discusses housing issues as significant explanations for people giving up their pets.

She explains the new digs for cats at CACC, which makes them more adoptable – or, that is the hope.

With a new partnership with PAWS Chicago, volunteers intervene and provide services needed so hopefully people won’t need to give up their pets, everything from medical needs to providing a kennel or crate. Ultimately, they provide choices so people can keep pets in their homes, which is what they want.

Bark in the Park

The 30th Annual Bark event is June 8, at the Stadium Green, adjacent to Soldier Field, starting at 9 a.m. This is the most important fundraiser for Chicago’s oldest animal shelter. This is a beautiful just over one-mile walk along the Lakefront (great photos from here). And lots of events for dogs, from agility courses to training demos to fun tattoos to dog foods sample (and tad of human food too). Hey Hey Hosea Sanders of WLS-TV will be there as a host, as will I.

Details about cicadas and pets.