When Kids Go Back to School, Help to Prepare the Pets


Dr. RuthAnn Lobos

The kids go back to school – do pets care? Often yes, says Dr. RuthAnn Lobos , lead veterinarian Merrick Pet Care on the national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Dr. Lobos discusses how to transition pets and help pets to adjust to this big change.

Having a conversation with your veterinarian about a nutritional supplement like Calming Care, or nutraceutical, such as Zylkene, may be proactively a good idea. Also develop a structure or a schedule you can more or less stick to. So your pup knows, at 8 a.m. there’s a good walk, having a routine. Hiring a responsible dog walker to break up the day can helpful as well.  And it’s so important to give your pet something to do when you’re not around, mental engagement or mind games can be so helpful to release mental energy.

If your sense your dog has separation anxiety – now that’s all together a different story. First, confirm your suspicion with a veterinary professional, and then seek advice about what to do.