When to See Your Vet; Josh Feeney is a Dad to Rescued Six Puppies


Dr. Natalie Marks

Listen HERE to Dr. Natalie Marks on my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show on WGN, as she explains when to see the veterinarian or not. After all, you don’t want to go out if you don’t need to but you also want to insure the health of your pets.

Dr. Marks notes that annual vaccinations still need to happen, particularly those that potentially can impact human health such as rabies (which is also the law) and also leptospirosis. And also vaccines that rely on herd immunity such as distemper or canine influenza virus (dog flu).

Dr. Marks notes that depending on your pet and the need, other options are now available, including telemedicine. Dr. Marks offers examples of how telemedicine may help the veterinarian to get a “leg up” before a visit or even offer a substitute for an in-person visit. Dr.Marks also says you can use basic technology, such as using a phone to video a limping dog or a cat expressing an odd behavior.

We also discuss leptospirosis specifically, and why that bacterial disease spread by rats may be on the rise.

Relating to the SARS CoV-2, Dr. Marks offers a lesson in vaccine 101.

Puppy Daddy

Pile of puppies

Josh Feeney is a real estate agent and professional photographer – and also a superstar volunteer for various shelters around the Chicago.

Not your typical whelping box – Josh has a kiddie swimming pool in his living room. He tells the story HERE of how he came to foster from MCP Rescue & Outreach. The next morning after he delivers a dog he fostered to a new home, he was asked to take in a VERY pregnant mamma dog.  Within days out pop seven puppies (one sadly stillborn). Not only does Josh foster, he shares many videos on his significant social media.

So what’s it like to raise six puppies?  And to socialize those pups when we have to be careful because of social distancing – but Feeney has a plan. To adopt the puppies, or mamma dog, here’s the site.

In Some Ways, The World is a Better Place

Earth Day just slid by, and due to millions of humans sheltering indoors, the results have benefited the planet.

Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough predicted exactly what’s happening now.