Who's the Real Criminal? Dog Locked In Hot Car


Astounding video! The temperature was reportedly just over 80 degrees, and the dog – according to the video was locked inside this truck (windows closed) for at least 20 minutes. Even if the truck is parked in the shade, the temperature likely reached at least 120. Dogs die when it’s that hot, particularly large dogs, and this was a German Shepherd dog.

Along come some thugs who throw something into the window to break it, and make off a computer; and unwittingly save the dog’s life. They didn’t seem to notice there was a dog inside the car, or didn’t care if they did notice.

In all, the dog was kept in the car ,first windows closed, then with a broken window for about an hour. By now, who know how hot it was inside this car.

When the owner returns, you can see how the dog searched for water. And even wandered away at one point.

It’s amazing the dog is alive.

The police know who this dude is (since he reported the theft). Can he be arrest for animal cruelty? Should he be?

I demonstrate how hot a car can get.

Learn more about heat stroke in dogs.