Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training? Clinical Trial for Stomatitis in Cats


Laura Monaco Torelli

2020 was a good for year dog training because Petco made a huge statement by cold turkey stopping the sales of shock or e-collars. And Karen Pryor Certified faculty member and dog trainer Laura Monaco Torelli of Animal Behavior Training Concepts explains HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that she agrees.

Conversely in 2020 we saw an increase of notoriety of trainers using punishment-based methods, in part, due to internet exposure.

clicker training a pup

So, I had a detailed conversation with Monaco Torelli about behavior science and how dogs learn most efficiently.

She also notes that even under the best of circumstances, the use of shock collars can seemingly depress dogs, taking the “joy” out of their life. However, more often, the fall out causes all sorts of issues which she explains. When shock collars are used, dogs are more hesitant to offer behaviors – apparently concerned about what might happen.

As for Monaco Torelli, she uses several techniques, mostly clicker training. We talk about this technique and why this hands-off approach can be so effective. Is being a “cookie pusher” truly training? Using the least intrusive and minimally invasive approach, known as LIMA in dog training circles.

We talk about dog training with aggressive dogs and why using aggression as a training method is actually detrimental.

Stomatitis in Cats

Dr. Chad Maki, stem cell researcher and chief medical officer VetCell Therapeutics USA  explains what stomatitis in cats is. And how stem cells. which Dr. Maki explains, may significantly help this condition. We know about the potential based on funding from the Winn Feline Foundation. Right now, there’s a clinical trial which cats with feline chronic gingivostomatitis may partake in. Learn more HERE. By participating you can help your cat, and help all cats with this awful disease.

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