Wildlife in Mexico


Viva Natura: A Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico author Petr Myska talks here on Steve Dale’s Other World podcast about how, as a tourist in Mexico, you might take a day trip to see and swim with whale sharks or sea turtles or walk through a jungle with monkeys and a variety of lizards and bird life, including endangered parrots.

Crocodile you may not want to meet this close up (image: Petr Myska)

Jaguar (image Petr Myska)

Wildlife in Mexico is disappearing due to poaching.

Also, the places where this wildlife lives is being developed at a fast rate. We talk about how to find ecotours trips to see animals in the jungle as well as life in the ocean.

Military macaw: they’re sadly and tragically disappearing (image Petr Myska)


Petr talks about what everyone wants to know: finding snakes in the Mexican jungle.

He has tips about how to find nature, and then how to photograph nature. He says that part of the secret of getting a good shot is knowing how various species typically behave.

Flipper? (image Petr Myska)

A big green iguana dude (photo Petr Myska)