Win A Dog or A Cat Toy, Celebrating My 300th ChicagoNow Blog Post


300 entries in 8 months — Could this be a blogging record? Or at least a ChicagoNow record?
More important, over 700 comments back from you…I believe a blog might simply be a conversation and unless you’re a politician, you need at least two to have one of those. So without you, this blog wouldn’t be much of a blog.

who is this cat?

Thank you for reading – and most of all, thanks for commenting. I hope you continue to comment, or if you haven’t, I welcome virgin commentators.

In celebration of my 300th – I will send a dog or cat toy to the person who comments here, as the first to tell me who this cat is….That’s the cat picture on my blog home page (with me above), the same cat shown here. Here are some hints:
– This cat is female.
– Of all the people I have known who support cat health, this cat belonged to the person who was most influential to make a difference. He adored kitty cats.