Windy Kitty Opens: Kitty Crazies Get Ready!


Windy Kitty Cat Café is opening, and that is the topic on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio.

With Jenny Tiner of Windy Kitty Cat Café.

Listen HERE as café owner, Jenny Tiner, talks about the opening of this cozy and comfy new hangout for cats and cat lovers. Best of all, cats will be adopted out from Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC).

Cat cafés are a proven model for the successful adoption of cats, and Jenny and I guess about why the success rate frequently exceeds most shelters. I suggest it has something to do with a home environment, and cats are free to hide if they want to. At a cat café, you get a better feel for the cat’s real “purr-sonality.” 

In time, Jenny says she’ll be happy to accept cats with special needs that would likely otherwise be euthanized. And, any cat at the café will call this place home for as long as it takes to find a forever home (so the cafe café really is a no-kill facility).

Yoga with cats.

Windy Kitty is working with the Gallery Café—noted for its coffee and local artisan baked goods.

Lots of special events will happen at the café, including yoga with cats, movie and game nights, paint night, and special educational events. And, if yoga isn’t enough to relax the cats, Feliway and Feliway Multi-Cat are plugged in all over.

Visit by appointment, or walk in if there’s space. Jenny will limit space, because too many people at the café can cause stress for the resident cats.