With Bill Moller on WGN to Help Pet Lovers Find a Place to Live, and More


Oh no – you’re kidding? You missed it?

Here’s one of my regular Saturday AM appearances with Bill Moller on WGN Radio – Listen HERE.

– I talk about Pedigree’s (the pet food company) commitment to animal shelters.

– How and why renters with pets help better their community or at least the ‘culture’ of the building which they live. What landlords and management companies lose out on when they don’t allow dogs. And how Pit Bulls play into all this. Most of all, how Rent Social can help find apartments for pet with people, and how pet owners who are renters can communicate with one another.

Listener calls include –

  • The lap cat who wants to be petted and petted and still petted….then bites. Ouch!
  • Viszla hunkers down when other dogs come.
  • Separation anxiety in dogs – I make all sorts of suggestions for separation anxiety in dogs, from the Thundershirt to L-Theanine for dogs (Anxitane), Adaptil (pheromone product)….encouraging independence, behavior modification cues for comings and goings and more However, the very best bet of all is likely to a see a veterinary behaviorist.

Also, I talk about Big Night, the big benefit for Chicago Animal Care and Control.