WLS On Demand: Helping Homeless Apes; Getting Dogs into Shape and Walking for Canine Cancer


It’s amazing how many chimpanzees and orangutans need homes. Crazy. Homeless Apes? But chimps that people (illegally) get with the intent of being pets are given up (because they are strong enough to rip your face off); and retired animal actors and also from quasi sideshow zoos that close down – they have nowhere to go. I spoke with Patti Regan, Sanctuary Director of the Center for Great Apes on my WLS-AM On Demand Show .



Many years ago, I had the thrill of spending time in Borneo, up close and personal with orangutans. I have a special place in my heart for orangutans, for all great apes in general. It’s a crime we’re killing them off in the wild, at least allow those that are living here to have some quality of life. Dr. Jane Lohmar, now a Chicago veterinarian, was there also. She recently visited the Center for Great Apes, and joined in our conversation.

Spring has sprung, and getting your dog (and you) into shape is the topic of conversation with Dr. Al Townshend of Holistic Select, and a veterinarian
for the Iditarod race, as well as a co-author of Canine Sports Medicine.

Megan Blake

The bad news is that cancer in dogs may be on the rise and no one knows why.
Megan Blake of the PBS show Animal Attractions is raising money and
attracting attention for the purpose of ultimately curing cancer in dogs
. Megan, a little over the top on WLS-AM on Demand, Steve Dale’s Pet World.