WLS On Demand: The Dog Talk Project, Doggy GaGa Project and Smiling Dogs


Linda Case is conducting some fascinating research. You might called them ‘case studies;’ she’s polling average dog owners on the Internet, asking all sorts of questions. It’s easy to partake, and it’s free, just check out the Dog Talk Project.

Linda Case and friends

Linda Case appeared on on my WLS 890 AM on Demand Radio Show. She’s a dog and cat behavior consultant and an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She’s also the author of a great book, which animal professionals, breeders and those really into dogs and cats should check out, “Canine and Feline Behavior: A Complete Guide to Understanding Our Two Best Friends.” 

I talked with Linda about one of her most recent polls; she asked owners about their biggest ‘complaint’ about their dogs. We also spoke about cats who think outside the box.

Also on this WLS On Demand Show, it’s the Doggy GaGa Project, pet photographer dresses dogs like Lady GaGa. Check out the images on my Doggy GaGa blog post.


Thousands of dogs with big grins entered the Superstar Smiles Photo Contest.

I had the honor of choosing the winner among the 10 top finalists – and that was Comet a former racing Greyhound. It turns out Comet has a lot to smile about. Comet’s person Barbara Masi talked on the WLS On Demand show about Greyhound Rescue, and why Greyhounds are wonderful pets.