Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty for Pepper Spraying Dogs


Imagine your two dogs are minding their own business in your backyard, not barking through a fence or anything. In fact, the fence is so high that is hard to see the dogs inside your yard if you’re walking down the street. Yet, still they are pepper sprayed by a person walking down the street.

Pepper spray can cause the same distress in dogs as in people, and worse, in this instance the dogs had no way to know what was about to happen.

Beware – there are cameras everywhere. What’s more, the story made local news.

The perpetrator Renata Anna Flug was apprehended and charged with animal cruelty or pepper spraying two dogs in Chicago. Amazingly, she is a dog owner herself, and may have been walking her own dog when this act of animal cruelty allegedly occurred. Her motivation? Personally, I can’t fathom. That would be 100 percent conjecture. Seems this isn’t the first time a dogs in yards, on private property, have been pepper sprayed this past summer.  However, if and when this occurs, if the criminal is charged with animal cruelty and prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law, there will action taken to demonstrate there are consequences for actions.

Flug’s first court date will be October 18, 2021 in Court Branch 23 (5555 W. Grand Avenue), 9 am.