Woman Sentenced for Killing Cats


An Oxfordshire, England woman admitted to drowning eight cats and has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. Julie Carter, 43, of Bicester, told RSPCA staff she could not
afford a phone call to have the cats rescued so killed them one by one
over a week. The cats were all between one and three years old.

Julie Carter

I most certainly do not in any way think Carter was right, and actually believe the sentence could have been harsher. Still I understand her frustration. I am receiving more calls and email than ever, desperate listeners and readers not knowing where to turn. Just this past week on my national radio show, a listener who lost her job called in. She explained that she is moving in with her daughter, where pets are not allowed; she doesn’t know what to do. She contacted friends and foster programs without success. If you have a magic solution – would love to know what that is.

Carter eventually confessed, saying she was out of money, and felt she was out of good choices. According to BBC News Oxford, RSPCA inspector Doug Davidson said: “The callous and brutal drowning of
her eight pet cats is not acceptable in the 21st Century.” Of course, I agree.