World’s Oldest Living Dog


This dog should have been in the film Eighty for Brady –  even 91-year-old Rita Moreno (who is in the film) is a spring chicken when compared to Bobi Rafeiro do Alentejo from Conqueiros, Portugal, who at 30 years old, the oldest dog ever in the world. According to a new dog age calculator, this Chihuahua-mix is off the charts in human years but somewhere well over 100.

His family believes that the secret to the dog’s longevity is his history of growing up in the countryside in a calm, peaceful environment surrounded by nature, and that he drinks lots of water. Or maybe it’s because by the time a family member calls the Bobi’s full name, a year goes by in dog years. Or maybe the secret is that he’s ruled by three cat siblings.

Bobi was registered with a local veterinary medical service in 1992. The veterinary office confirmed the dog’s birthdate. His birthdate was also confirmed by SIAC, a pet database authorized by the Portuguese government.

Despite having difficulties with his eyesight and walking, his owners said he lives a pretty much normal life with a great quality of life.

The previous record holder for the oldest dog living was Spike who achieved the record at 23 years and 7 days, as verified in Camden, Ohio on December 7, 2022. Additionally, the previous record holder for the oldest dog ever was Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who lived to 29 years 5 months before passing away in November 1939.