World’s Oldest Living Tortoise Finds Secret To Youth


Jonathon is a Seychelle’s Island Tortoise, a very rare species. He is even more rare, one of a kind, the oldest known living land animal on the planet, believed to have just celebrated his 190th birthday. Since he was about 50 years old, he’s lived on the the tiny island of St. Helena, a British territory. No one really knows how or why he was relocated to the Governor’s mansion there, where has outlasted numerous Governors.

Jonathon is doing well considering is advanced age. True enough he doesn’t see very well, and his sense of smell is limited. So, the solution has been to feel Jonathon by hand. He’s slowed down a bit, but then again, he’s a tortoise, so it’s hard to tell.

So what do you can you possibly gift this long-lived tortoise? For his birthday, caretakers introduced a new friend, named Emma. Let’s just say no tortoise Viagra has been needed for this dude who no doubt shell shocks anyone aware of his continued libido.  Lately, Jonathon’s been moving just a little quicker, a kind of spring in his step.