Your Pandemic Puppy; Preparing for the End of Life on WGN Radio


Dr. Marty Greer

Dr. Marty Greer, author of Your Pandemic Puppy: Finding and Raising a Well Adjusted Dog During COVID-19, talks HERE on my Steve Dale’s Pet World program on WGN Radio.

We begin by talking about the very names people are giving puppies and kitties adopted during the pandemic. And discuss all the adoptions on the rise.

Basic life skills are very incredibly important. Dr. Greer explains what to do when you adopt beginning with socialization, and why this is so exceedingly important. And on how to do that, while keeping humans socially distanced.

Why crate training may actually be life-saving.

I offer my favorite line from her book, and she explains dogs learn all the time, whether you are on a Zoom call or interacting directly with your dog. Unfortunately, they may also learn what we don’t intend to teach them, this is true for dogs that are 12-months old as well as dogs 12-years old.

Pet Caretaker Fatigue

An intriguing conversation with Dr. Mary Gardner about geriatric pets and caring for them. I am honored to say that I contributed to her book Treatment and Care of the Geriatric Veterinary Patient (with Dr. Dani McVety).

Dr. Gardner says the struggle caring for an older pet may be equivalent in many ways to caring for an older person. “Let me tell you,” she says, “It’s hard.”

Dr. Lester Fisher

When any pet has a terminal illness and/or may be in hospice – it’s a subjective roller coaster. “At any time, I will support a family’s decision to say goodbye.”And we do discuss euthanasia, so how do you know when the time is right? People ask Dr. Gardner all the time – even when she’s out shopping for bananas. In the end, make the end as good as it can be.

Former Lincoln Park Zoo Director Dr. Lester Fisher’s 100th Birthday