You’re Out, Movie for the In Crowd; Pocha Shop on WGN Radio


Sandy DeLisle

Sandy DeLisle is an animal welfare professional, pet writer and now movie producer of a film called Your Out. I talk HERE on my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show with Sandy about her going Hollywood in Chicago. The movie features baseball and a rescue dog: How can that ever be bad?

The script features two dads and their 17-year old sons on a cross country trip to find a way to get their boys rescruited. And along the way, they find a stray dog who they adopt. It’s no coincidence that DeLisle chose to have a dog that looks like a dog you’d call a pit bull. Her notion, aside from entertaining, is to bust myths so many people have about dogs that look like what we call a pit bull. And it turns out the dog rescues the main character, as much as he rescues the dog. This movie will score!

Portraying certain types of dogs in movies does have an impact on public opinion, and we talk about that.

DeLisle mentions when Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends was on the program talking about breed profiling of insurance companies, and how wrong that is.

The only issue is to pay for this movie. So, she’s launched a crowdfunding campaign.

Pocha Shop

Cynthia Soto has opened a unique pet store in Pilsen, called Pocha Shop with lots of unique items with a Mexican theme only available at this store. I discuss this new business HERE on WGN Radio.

If you want clothes, stylish outfits, for your dog – this is the place to go. Many of the outfits are designer, traditional Mexican-themed. And there’s even clothes for cats, and that will fit most pet bunnies.

Pandemic Dog Adoptions

I talk about pet adoption numbers from the start of the pandemic – and how much those numbers went up. I also discuss the most popular pandemic adopted dog name.

There’s also a warning about the increase of dog thefts.