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AVMA President Dr. Jose Arce on National Pet Dental Health Month

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Comptroller's Critters, Susana Mendoza on WGN Radio

Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza is re-launching Comptroller's Critters

TNR Friendly Kittens Should Be Adopted

Kittens can be adopted

Help Find Flea Market Puppy a Home

Charlie is available for adoption; WGN radio producer Mary is not

Mosquitoes Carry More Disease Than You Think

Aside from preventing illness from fleas and ticks, mosquitoes need to be on the list as well

Sight Hounds, In Some Ways A Different Type of Dog

Dog trainer Dennis Damon talks about training sight hounds with Steve Dale

Lyme Disease Symptoms in People and in Dogs

Tick disease is a threat to people and pets - here are symptoms

Diego is Drinking from Fish Tank

pet expert Steve Dale writes about cat or dog drinking from fish tank

Snakes Alive in Manitoba

Garter snakes in Manitoba Canada

Illinois Governor Targets Cats

Governor Pat Quinn worked to protect pets, and with the Puppy Mill Project

Snakes Rule in a Chicago Neighborhood

Common garter snake may deter rats says pet expert Steve Dale

Alderman Lopez: Wants a Humane Chicago

Pet expert Steve Dale and Chicago Alderman Ray Lopez talk about picking up dog poop and lowering Chicago's euthanasia rate